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 Experience a prison adventure where you solve cells and hunt for team points.  

Mission complete 26 cells!

Prison Island - Abu Dhabi

How the fun works

Hey there! Here are the prison rules you need to follow to manage life behind bars.

First things first
Divide yourselves into teams of 2-6 players, choose a team name, register, and get your electronic key from the guards.
Go green
Start with cells with a green light. You can challenge the cells in any order you like.
Choose wisely
Each cell is ranked on its difficulty (tactics, physics, technicality) and is worth a different number of points.
Pressure is on
The countdown begins when you open the door. Red light = time is out or you have failed. Blue light = you’ve succeeded and your points get stored on your badge!
Earn your freedom
Return badge to the reception and review your team points! You are now free to mock the losers.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Solve Puzzles Unlock New Challenges

Prison Island brings an indoor adventure with amazing challenges.

New kind of fun for everyone between 8 and 80 years old!

Beat The Bars – For any occasion


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